Hypothetical: SCOTUS hears 4th amendment lawsuit against NSA

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  1. This is a hypothetical case (and IANAL) : the SCOTUS agrees to hear a case in which group XYZ claims that the NSA violated their 4th amendment rights (unreasonable search and seizure). It's widely perceived (hypothetically) that group XYZ will win the case. Before the case is heard, however, it's revealed that several of the Supreme Court Justices are now being audited by the IRS (and if they find in favor of the plaintiff ...). Is this a realistic scenario ? I believe so ....
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    Is that an app on the new Iphone?
  4. ianal ... i am not a lawyer :)
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    What's IANAL? "I Am Not A Lawyer?":confused: Anyhow, the 4th Amendment has been trampled on by George Bush junior, and DECIMATED by Ocommunist.:mad: And no question, this TYRANNICAL government could do what you pointed out: auditing the Supreme Court Justices who swing towards common sense, while a "MAJOR," case is brought before them.:( :mad: :mad:

    I hope it's a rumor that the common sense-leaning Supreme Court Justices aren't being audited (strong-armed by the prison bully), as that would ABSOLUTELY change things if they're worrying about a deduction or two vs the case before them...:eek:

    Chicago's Al Capone was complete baby shit along side of "Chicago's" Ocommunist, and his Gestapo.:mad:
  6. Not sure the Supreme Court in any way swings toward "common sense" :) but yes
    that's exactly my point. There seems to be no check on the power of the IRS, at least not in any practical sense.