Hypothetical question. Revolution.

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  1. I was thinking about this on the 4th of course.

    We all know the US govt is failing its people. Failure to bring troops home from a bogus conflict. Failure to secure borders. The fed printing money non stop devaluing existing currency. Taxing its people until it hurts. Putting the country deeper in dept than almost ever.

    The list goes on and on.

    Lets say the people got truly fed up..sick and tired of the lies. In this day and age of big brother and "the patriot act" it would be fairly impossible to stage an armed revolution without somebody getting wind of it. It would be squashed while still an idea.

    So, lets say this revolution came in another form. The refusal to pay taxes for example. Why not? The govt is there to serve the people. They work for us, right?(lolol...). If your an employer and you have an employee that fails to do the job you ask of him you would fire them and stop paying right?

    So my question is = How many people would it take to hurt the govt where is hurts most? The wallet. We know what would happen of a few hundred or a few thousand refused to pay. The jackbooted thugs would be throwing CS gas canisters in your house and burning it down. But what if it were 100k people..or 2 million people or half our population? Even the US govt doesn't have the resources to deal with that mess.

    Lets hear it.

  2. You better be careful talking about such radical ideas here. The elitetrader US government propaganda agents, like Haroki will turn you in to the Department of Homeland Security.
  3. Come and get me.
  4. googling and wiki`ing it appears to be not such an original idea.

    " Withholding payment of taxes is one of the quickest methods of overthrowing a government "

    Mahatma Gandhi
  5. Advocating the overthrow of the US Government may be against Bush's law.

    Let us know where you will be incarcerated so we can keep in touch.LOL

    When I went to work for the Department of Defense, I had to fill out a form that asked," Have you ever advocated the overthrow of the US Government by force".

    If you answered yes then you could be prosecuted. They also didn't like communists or KKK'ers.

    Nowadays, they don't like potheads either and I'm wondering if independents and liberals are on the list as well since Bush took office.

    Gandhi was the greatest man that ever lived. I don't ever expect to ever see another like him.

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  7. "The refusal to pay taxes for example. Why not?"

    My understanding, the mafia grew along with a large underground cash economy during the Johnson adminstration, people were fed up with tax increases.

    People were more resourcefull then. You ain't never going to get anyone to put down a twinkie or turn off the tv long enough in this country to start a revolution. People eating on the way to the car after leaving wall marts, sheesh.
  8. 30% - 35% of the population would need to change from a consumer life style, to a sustenance lifestyle.
    Not real likely that would happen, but it'd be the only way.
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    My guess is that there are already a 100K or more not paying their taxes. To really get their attention the number would have to be in the millions. A double digit percentage of the population.
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    Haroki is definetly a GOV agent, use search on ET and you'll find Haroki admitting it.

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