Hypothetical question. If one had 2m to buy a MCD

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  1. If you had 2m, would you buy a MCD frnachise or use the money to trade?

    Now if you bought a McDonalds for 2m but it was worth say 2.3, you got a discount. You'd be gauranteed a nice return on investment plus have a little bit of equity cushion if resales were stagnant.

    Suppose you paid 2m and you were a half hearted manager and business dropped off, several years go by and you might be able to sell the place for 1.8m. You still drew a salary, but lost money on the original investment.

    Owning a MCD would be plenty of headaches, plus you smell like fries all the time.

    Now if you took the 2m and traded, got guts?
  2. MCD Would be the secure option ,
    but secure option is never the best option,

    it chains your ass to your job where you have 0 life for the next 1-2year at least till you have management straigthened out.

    2) trading, never guarantees you anything, you probably might lose it all or a lot of it.

    3) MCD would secure your capital relatively, but trading will haev higher potential,

    consideringly I have been in those shoes before, I did not choose the MCD franchise , because freedom and life is more important to me then making more money then 2M+ consideringly you already have "$2M" in your hands

    Now if you had $5 in your pocket, thats a different story, mcdonalds all the way.


    people should only risk when they have excess, and take the secure optionw hen they have nothing, but always realize the secure option is always temporarily, because security is in self a flaw, because theres always a ceiling where you can never jump out of.

    So to answer your quesiton,
    I'd be trading or in another business with less capital requirement and higher profit margin.
  3. Bootsie


    Never, ever... EVER go into the restaurant business... Period !!
  4. depends on your level of commitment. Do you want to deal with functional illiterates all day while they burn themselves on the fryer and file and an endless stream work comp claims against you?
  5. Bootsie


    If you own... YOU are responsible.

    In the end, you end up spending more time than you thought was possible. Time is more precious than money...

    This is only an opinion... nothing more

  6. Bootsie, sounds like you didn't have too much fun in the restaurant business.


    Coolweb, thanks for the reply. Pretty much the thoughts I was looking for.
  7. ElCubano


    im with him......id rather buy a gas station and sell dime bags to the night owls... :D