Hypothetical Question: How to set-up trading offshore??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by canuck, Dec 26, 2006.

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    My hypothetical question:

    If I wanted to set-up an offshore trading vehicle (I'm assuming the best way would be through corporation, but that's just an educated guess) what would I need?

    I assume I need to set-up the corp, get a bank account in that country with my new corp, tranfer funds somehow into it, then set-up a brokerage account in that country through the corporation.

    Does this seem the accurate information? And if so, which country (if there are any suggestions) would offer the best combination of secrecy, security, ease of setting up corps, bank accounts and availability of solid brokers (like IB)??

    Thanks and PM if need be
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    I am reporting you to the mounties as I write this.

    The old beaver will not let this stand.
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    it's all in the up and up, plus my friend down south asked, not me......