Hypothetical; $DWDP leaves Dow Jones, replaced by $AMZN

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Patrick Slevin, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Seems that Dow DuPont will have to exit the Dow this June or so.

    Isn't it likely that Bezos will split Amazon 6 or 7 for one to take a place on the Index?
  2. jharmon


    Does it really matter?

    Have you done any analysis of splits? Have you done any analysis on index adds for DJIA, looking at the company versus its peers?

    Is it tradeable?

    Is the DJIA too infrequently changed to be able to draw any statistically valid conclusions?
  3. The only issue concerning the split is the necessity for $AMZN to be trading in a range that is in the midst of the Dow 30 Index. It could not be a part of the Index at $1800.

    Any liquid stock is tradeable, I would think.
  4. jharmon


    Price weighted index... so late '90s.

    Eighteen nineties that is.