Hypothetical disclaimer required when posting actual results ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by puretruth, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. According to this guy, it is necessary :



    And this guy has AUDITED results

    On the other hand , when I go to striker.com , a broker who only displays actual results of trading systems, I don't find a hypothetical disclaimer like one would expect.

    Anyone can shed some light on this ?

    Maybe it's because that guy has another system that is not audited ...
  2. no lawyer-traders on ET ? :D
  3. I think if you say they are actual results, you would have to be willing to provide audited trading records on request...
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    I don't know about websites but I've managed a hedge fund in the past and currently run an LLC CTA firm and I am not required to use that hypothetical disclaimer. I find it odd that a website that has audited results would be required to post that disclaimer unless they are doing some simulated trading in addition to actual trading. Ask them for a copy of their auditor's statement.

  5. Exactly, probably it has something to do with that other system he offers for which no results are listed