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  1. aka Duref Mudgins, Joe Doaks, NQ Enque, John Merchant, Emil Kraepelin, Arthur Deco....the list goes on

    Where did he go? Did he pass away (he is over 60)? The guy posted religiously on here for so long and then vanished. I mean, he was a pretty funny guy, not much of a trader, but still he had a witty writing style. Kind of miss his humor.
  2. I agree (wit and humor) and do believe he was seriously ill so may have...passed away RIP

    HOWever...its only be a couple of weeks so vacation? :)
  3. Could be vacation, you are right.

    How did you know he was seriously ill?

  4. Hypo.... you out there??
  5. I miss him too :(

    Hypo its me Dorian :)
  6. i never found the guy witty..

    or profitable
  7. I know hypo pretty well, the guy is too smart for his own good

    I am serious that happens to people
  8. so smart he's stupid, is that it? give me a break LOL :p

    smart people make stupid mistakes all the time HA

    if you know him so well, give him a call, say "hey, genus, you still kicking it or what?" LOL DOH
  9. whatsmore..

    his 'humor'

    was so contrived, so apparent..

    he was trying real hard to be clever and satirical.

    he didn't pull it off, imo \\\

    i knew where he was going..
  10. maxpi


    Jack and Spydertrader caught up with him, it was not a pretty sight, one hit him high, the other low, he was down for the count in no time........
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