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  1. Recent journals have become entirely too serious and profitable for my tastes, not being illustrative of the erratic decision making processes of the average losing trader. Hence I consider it my solemn responsibility as an MM (market monkey) to correct this regrettable lapse in ET standards by documenting my impulsive and unprofitable trades in NQ M4.

    Any astonished querries you may have the temerity to pose about my methods or lack thereof will be answered with the same standards of clarity and self-effacement which you have come to expect from other fraudulent ET gurus.

    Trades will be rare but entertaining in a tragi-comic sense, as my systems are designed to trade sufficiently infrequently to minimize the pain of the self-loathing which I experience upon losing.

    I do not advise anyone to trade with me, unless you are taking the other side.
  2. It's about time! :D

  3. Finally, trading advice I can trust. Where have you been, Hypostomus? If I may make a small suggestion, though. Try to refrain from the post-neo-modern practice of calling trades in real time. It is overrated by far. I find that I make some of my best calls well after the fact. Carry on.
  4. ...in lieu of trades, I may from time to time post some putative rules for trading NQ. At the time of this writing, one such would appear to be: "Do not trade when volume drops to one car per minute, prompting you to fear that the market is closing early but you didn't know it."
  5. Oh. Sorry. I thought this was a journal for Rednecks!

    :D :D :D
  6. ...1493.5 and 1494.0 at 9:31 ET
  7. ....1491.5 at 9:39:58
  8. Hypo,
    Have you scraped your OMV indicator, for this journal?

  9. ...1494.0 at 9:58:16
  10. ...1496.0 at 9:02:48
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