Hypocrite Obambi going to "call out" wasteful spenders

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  1. Obama is a walking contradiction.
  2. As Cramer has already said . . . that wasn't the Obama Plan that was the Pelosi Plan.

    Pretty obvious I think.
    Sometimes "payback" is a Bitch.
  3. so's pelosi

    and more than just 'sometimes'
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    It wasn't that long ago people on both sides were blaming (and rightly so) Bush for excessive spending. Even though the spending bills themselves originate in congress the president has the option of signing them into law.

    President Hussein not only tried hard to sell the "stinkulus" pork laden liberal agenda package to the sheeple, under the dishonest guise of urgently needed stimulus. He also put his stamp of approval on it when he SIGNED into law, did he not?
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  6. I have question for those that use the term "Pork." What is "Pork," as it realtes to a Budget? What is the definition of "Pork."

    No examples please. Only definitions. Thx

  7. he's the voice of reason! haven't heard such rational thot in at least 8 yrs :D
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  9. Ok wiki it is...

    Then what if those "projects," are actually benificial to the American Condition, then Is it still "Pork?"

    Example: It seems as though the every building or facility in the entire state of W.Virginia has Sen. Robert Byrd's name on it. Is that "Pork?" Of course the employees of such places are on the Govi dole. But they would be anyway...and they would be way less productive making moonshine and whittling wood.

    So what is "Pork?"

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