Hypocrit turn coat Joe Manchin D-WV and his gun control

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    He's the one who when running for Senate said, "there will be absolutely no new gun control." What's the sell out do when he goes to Washington? HELPS WRITE THE DAMNED BILL!!!!! And take a look at him here putting a bullet through the cap and trade bill while campaigning in WV, a coal State that wants ZERO to do with obammer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfqXJyRPo_c

    I bet the NRA's fit to be tied after endorsing the sell out!
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    That's why Manchin's a Democrap. So he can learn how to lie like a Clinton at the Bill Clinton School Of Democratic Lies & Tricks.
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    I've got Family living in WV. The guy was running for Senate with FULL NRA backing, jumped up and down saying no new gun control, was always out at the shooting ranges, etc., He even came out and said he didn't think he would vote for obammer while running for Senate to the liking of WV which despises obammer.
    Now look at what he did. CRAFTED the damned gun control bill!!!!:mad: :mad: The people of WV should demand he be recalled! Unreal!:mad:
  5. I don't know anything about Manchin's prior record, but I don' t think the NRA would have backed him unless he was solidly pro gun rights.

    Same with Harry Reid. He had a pretty solid pro gun record.

    It puts the nRA in a difficult spot because they don't want to punish guys who voted with them, even if the opposing candidate would probably be better.

    I don't think that will be an issue with Manchin and Reid in the future. They showed their colors. I am also very disappointed in Toomey, who was supposed to be this solid conservative. I cut republicans in blue states more slack, but he was out there with Manchin actively trying to screw us.

    Obviously, I don't go along with the argument that some compromise here would have been a good idea. Any erosion of our rights just gets the anti gun nazis one step closer to their goal of total confiscation. Instead of working on compromises, I expect our guys to be out there explaining why these bills are terrible policy.

    The most intractable issue is the one of mental health. Virtually all of these mass shooters were known nut cases. Yet liberals refuse to make it easy to even identify them, much less restrict their access to firearms. Then of course, we have to be very careful about defining mental health. It could easily be a two-edged sword. Lots of liberals consider the desire to own a gun to be prima facie evidence of mental illness. That cow who runs Homeland Security has said that the biggest risks are patriot groups, anti-tax activists, etc. So I am nervous about giving government much more say in deciding who gets a gun on mental illness grounds. I think we could probably agree on a few diagnoses, eg paranoid schizophrenia, that would disqualify you, but even then we have to provide due process.
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    Agreed. And yes, before selling out, and lying his ass off to get elected, he was pro gun rights.

    In addition, that cow thinks Veterans are possible terror threats. GUARANTEE you that if they start getting into Vets VA records as part of their nazi attacks on the constitution, and find PTSD, that will be a disqualifier. She even said PTSD Vets shouldn't posses firearms.:mad:
    The gubment were the ones who screwed up these guys, then want to screw then again by stripping them of the 2nd Amendment rights THEY bled to preserve!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad: