Hypo do you have any family, what will you do with knowledge

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by APA, May 15, 2008.

  1. APA


    hey man listen do you have anyone to leave your trading knowledge to

    for example I am almost done training one of my brothers in Europe

    hopefully bastard won't stab me in the back while I am alive, after that he can stab the body all he wants as I am told that I won't feel it :D :D

    anywho, man should have some legacy

    did you ever think about that

    PM me if you want, but people should read and learn
  2. WHAT trading knowledge? I am the Sergeant Schultz of trading. The only legacy I have to leave is hundreds of plausible but utterly useless trade codes. Want to calculate the correlation coefficient once every second for a rolling 60 second window? Got it? Worth a shit for anything? NO!
  3. APA


    nonsense my boy, I saw your undicators

    you got something no one else does

    I don't know what that is, and should I find out I shall let you know

    but something is there, deep in the bowels past the fecal obstructions, something oval or spherical,

    Oh my god, its a huge round worm.


    so my humor sucks, what else is new :)
  4. You wanna see what the velocity of trades popping off at the bid or ask is at the tick rate? Got it! Useful? Fuck me NO! I have not even begun to confuse ET with beguiling but ultimately worthless trading indicators.