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Discussion in 'Trading' started by spud, Jun 30, 2001.

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  1. spud


    I have only been on this site reading the posts for the last few days and was just wondering if rtharp has some sort of affiliation with this site. I only ask as in almost all discussion threads rtharp is promoting the firm he works with or the father he has. If someone could clarify why he and many others are allowed to publicly hype on what I heard was suppose to be an impartial site that would be terrific. I can understand why he is promoting his father's book, but why the firm he trades with. Does rtharp and a few other's receive kickbacks of some sort from the firms they trade with for doing this? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Steve Foster
  2. As this is directed about me I'll reply

    I have no affiliation with this site.

    The discussion about my father I hardly bring up. I have 337 posts to date as of this writing. I have probably brought him up on about 25 total and that's it.

    The last few days were due to someone having a personal vengence on him. It's very obvious someone is trying to manipulate the book reviews section on his 2nd book. There were no reviews for months and within an hour 5 reviews all within 20 minutes of each other with very similiar email addresses on MSN, same titles such as pass , pass on this one, not recomended, and then another not recomended (with the word recommended not spelled right in either). I find that insulting. It would have been so much better to write ONE bad review and why giving very specific examples. Not lots of reviews with no examples or anything of substance. To bring it to others attention I started a post on it. It's not a big deal and I'll let it go. One thread that will last for a few days is all that is needed.

    If I was into promoting Echo would I also do this????

    This is Echo's competition with contact info...

    I discovered Echotrade from this site here on Elite. Months ago I started a thread on Professional Margin Rates of 10-1

    Professional Firms, and some of the advantages of them come up a lot on this board. I am very happy to answer questions due to now being with a professional firm. Questions about Echo come up and I answer them.

    I've also answered questions on my trading styles for quite some time.


    I've been trading for quite some time now, been trained by a famous Market Wizard, given talks for a few organizations such as Daytraders USA, worked with some top hedge funds, written numberous articles, and write a bi-weekly email for IITM.com, spent time in the CBOT 30 yr Bond Pit and 30 Yr Bond Options Pit. My trading background is pretty extensive. Trading has given a lot to me. I'm a spiritual person and am giving back to trading now by helping others. I feel that by doing this I'm rewarding somehow spiritually 10 fold. Echo and my father have gone great distances to help me so I try to help them out.

    Robert Tharp
    I also run a message board on MSN

    which I will show every once and awhile. (I just give a lot of info for free there )
  3. xll


    I don't think that rtharp is hyping anything. He is sincerely and truthfully describing his points of view about trading. His father's books and approach to trading, and Echo Online are part of his trading. I think it would be difficult for him to fully discuss how he trades without mentioning the books and Echo. Over the last 6-months or so that rtharp has been posting, he has provided much information and interesting ideas.
    What I'd like to ask rtharp is: when does the Echo office in San Diego open -- and the address? To me, that's information, not hype.
  4. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    I think it is OK to wonder. You also did specify you are new to the site. You could not possibly know rtharp is one of the respected visitor among many others.

    When there is hyping moderators try to point it out. Usually we are late and other members call hypers for what they are, without mercy.

    Rtharp wrote for himself already and I think these answers should be enough. This is a non story.

  5. elie


    I fully agree with xII.
    I myself, read more than I write in this board.

    why attack people like rtharp who is really trying to help, with giving some of his experience and knowledge?
    because he is the son of his father?
    thanks to rtharp,praetorian2,andrasnm,dlincke, def.............
    for all their postings with all the help and info.

    best of luck
  6. tymjr


    I value any opinion rtharp expresses here and have found his posts informative and enlightening. While I respect spud's assertions, I believe those cases where rtharp may have encouraged others to investigate something he believes is valuable, have never crossed into hype. I want to know what rtharp and other traders are thinking and I am capable of filtering out that which fits me and that which doesn’t.
  7. limbo


    Spud--RTharp is a gentleman and a scholar that has provided an incredible amount of info for the members of this site. This man is a rarity with his generosity. I know because he has helped me personally to grow and I'm sure many others. I want him to continue giving us info and not be dissuaded because of posts like this. It pisses me off reading stuff like you're putting out here.
  8. Steve =)

    i also am a newer member of this message board.. i disagree with your assertion that rtharp is hyping his firm and his fathers products.. while he does mention his firm and his father from time to time, i came away with the impression that he was sharing information that has benefited him, not hyping any particular thing.. rtharp, thanks for the great posts man, keep em coming =)

    i despise the guys who criticise, to minimise the enterprise of other guys whose enterprise makes them rise above the guys who criticise..

  9. tradeRX


    Those who criticize others for seeing the merit of critical examination and skepticism peeve me off.

  10. limbo


    Rx-What are you talking about??? Sometimes I think you talk just to talk. Do you realize how belligerent and offensive you often are. To tell RTharp in a past post--I doubt a few negative reviews of your dads book will cut into your allowance is outrageous man-way over the line. Get straight.
    #10     Jun 30, 2001
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