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  2. No, it's not you. A lot of people are desperate to feel morally superior. After years of PC indoctrination in school, they somehow believe it is their duty to go around and correct any improper attitudes or language. The feeling of moral superiority is intoxicating to them and they can no more stop themselves than a crack addict.
  3. Ask some brothers if they think being called colored is offensive...

    Imagine if that old man had said that "Jew girl" or that "nappy headed ho" or that "kike" or "whop" or "wetback" or that "brownshirt redneck ignorant inbred cousin lovin republican whore girl."

    Yes some words and phrases are offensive to some people, and yes there are often explanations for why people repeatedly use them, especially older people who are beyond reconditioning or having any awareness or concern for the consequence of their offensive speech.

    So you are a white male republican Bush apologist from Iowa, no surprise that you don't find the word "colored girl" offensive...same goes for AAA and his klannish Beltway view of the "colored people" who live in D.C.

  4. See, it didn't take long for one of them to pop up.
  5. What qualifies the comment in whether or not it's offensive if the person leveling it is a Democrat or Republican.

    If he's a Democrat it's not racist and if he's a Republican it is.

    It's not the insult, the yardstick is the political affiliation of the person spewing it.

  6. One of "them."


    Perfect response from a loyal sheeping klannish member of the party who promotes "Us vs. Them."

    This famous quote of course from your fearless leader, demonstrating the magnification of the duplicity that underlies the republican party, and the massive gap between their rap and their act:

    "I'm a uniter, not a divider."

  7. amazing how malleable some of you guys are. watch a little too much orielly this month and suddenly you think it's normal and acceptable to call black people 'colored'

    what's the source of all your hate? are you hoping to roll back civil rights or what...
  8. Another one. See what i mean Brandon, they have a compulsion to demonstrate how morally superior they are.

    It's not a question whether "colored" is ok or not. It was a question about the extreme reaction of the woman who felt compelled to write an article about hearing it. And who suggested it could be explained only by brain damage. Her article read almost like an Ann Coulter parody.
  9. normal well adjusted people don't need, nor can they prove some kind of moral superiority by defending a deeply accepted status quo

    a better question, why do you need to condescend to black people and what are you seeking by doing so?
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    I have, the majority of them think its as retarded as I do.

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