HyperOrder+Tradestation 8+IB

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  1. Is anyone using the above combination without software glitches? Also, is it possible to set real trailing stops that resides in exchange servers using this combo? Tradestation doesn't send the trailing stops until they get triggered and I'm not sure how HyperOrder deals with them.

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    I went to the site and can't find the page for downloading it. I found a button that says "Download" but it takes me to a forum. I am interested in knowing what all the features are. From the forum I gathered that it is a DLL. You have to integrate it into your strategies, which in my experience with similar software is not a problem. The main question I would have would be, considering the business model, will support be professional and timely? It's a free product, what if IB changes their API a little and the DLL needs some updating and testing, is that going to happen in a timely fashion or is your trading operation going to be shut down indefinitely?

  3. Max, you need to register for forum to download it. I got it running within 30 minutes. You can use it two ways with TS 8:

    1) Use HyperOrder and include buy sell DLL calls in your EL study.
    2) Use HyperOrder+HyperOrder client for TS and let it send orders without even changing your EL. I got this running and sent my live order to IB.

    However, I'm trying to work around this trailing stop problem with TS. That I couldn't figure out yet. It looks like new version of HO might address that....I would also use the DLL calls to check execution details.


    Yes this version is free but I think they charge some people for their custom programming.

    Are you using TS 8?
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    I am currently developing a system on TS 8 and integrating IB & Hyperorder in parallel. I'd be very interested in your comments regarding the stability of this setup. I will further have to integrate the data feed from eSignal into TS 8 (using a new version of hyperserver due in Q1 2005) since I'm trading the DAX futures.

  5. I'm not going to use HO until they release the next version. I need the trailing stop capability. Let's stay in touch.
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    I have TS8, had TS2k before it. I'm in the test stage of strategies automated with IB via Dynaorder. Hoping to get things ironed out this week and start trading next.

  7. Well, I never tried the above combination. BUT, first check http://forum.hypertrader.ws/showthread.php?t=607

    It's been little over a month now, and no one could answer yes to such simple & elimentary questions. So, yes, go ahead and use it, but keep your eyes open.
  8. I'm not using it until they release the next version. For me trailing stops are critical and I can't implement them with the current version.

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    is the combination works properly and is the trailing stop issued solved ?
  10. the hyperorder is not free now

    does the new version of hyperorder have the trailing stop function?
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