Hyper inflation

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  1. I am father of three children, who works for small company. What can I do to prepare for , and protect my family from the hyper inflation,worse then the one in 1929?
  2. Grow your own vegetables in pots, raise some free range chickens.
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the great depression deflationary?
  4. Read "Conquer the Crash" by Robert Prechter.

    Lots of ideas on hedging against an economic crisis.
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    That's right.

    To the thread starter:
    Preparing for any scenario, deflation or hypeinflation, is a direct bet/prediction.
    You are a father of three kids, and you should be risk-averse; stay away from gambling!
  6. It is not unreasonable to structure one's investment portfolio with certain asset classes such as commodities, TIPS, cash, currency baskets, as well as equities to protect against those types of risks as well.

    Has anyone here considered credit risk with their investments? Hello, refco?
  7. Hyper inflation?

    I don't think so. No signs of that on the horizon whatsoever.

    Deflation after a crash? Doubt that too, but cash is king in deflation. Worth more every day even if in your mattress.
  8. Maybe not, but it's coming.
  9. actually deflation after a crash, and during the contraction is a good thing... think about it, if you don't have a steady job [you can only find things to do now and then... that might bring a little cash to your pocket] you want prices to fall... so that you can affort to eat more... when you have inflation and depression at the same time, well... you got the worse of both worlds... you aint got money and the little money you have buys a lot less food every day.

    Actually, I haven't found an economically sound reason why deflation is a bad thing in any scenario...
  10. Think about that if you have an mortgage.

    Your property worth less and less, and your equity in your property going into hell..
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