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  1. I think this will be the future of acrigulture, and the sooner we get there the better off we will be.
    Acrigulture today, produces foodstuffs are devoid of nutrients and full of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. You add in topsoil erosion, and the toxins that seep into the groundwater - and its not even worth it - you get what you pay for.

  2. Aeroponics & Ultrasonic Fogging

    Now that was interesting...
  3. Why isn't there more investment in Hydroponics and Aquaculture (fish farms)...also Wind Farms should be heavily encouraged!!!

    The Gov't should issue grants for entrepreneurs...maybe they do?

    You know the rising cost of oil can only be good, if you look at it in a positive way...Isn't OPEC ...Oppressive Power Energy Control..they know what they can get away with and will always try to find the max b4 people switch...

    Michael B.
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    Hydroponics been around forever, people be growin some dank weed for ages using hydro.
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    Enough with the darth-vader/OPEC comparison, there are a lot of futures buyers here that take a little blame for the rise in gas prices. But lets not get into that shit once again.

    On the point of wind power, the reason that sucks is because no one wants a 80-ft windmill in their backyard. Whether you like it or not, thats the economics of it. A lot of money is being put into fusion energy, and of course, that is where we should be heading.
  6. the only great use for hydroponics is growing tamatos and WEED :D:D:D:D:D
  7. Windpower has far more liabilities than assets. Towers can be up to 400 feet in height... never mind an 80ft pipsqueak.

    Solar power is a much better choice... panels on every roof west of the Mississipi would be a good start :>)
  8. Then how could they grow their weed for gawds sakes, if all the rooftop space is used up?

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