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    We have sold out to the electric battery system. The car companies and governments are all in, and even though Toyota may come up with a better option, possibly much more eco friendly, the reality is the governments have jumped all in on the electric car and battery.
    I don't say hydrogen is the answer, but battery tech has a long way to go to be a real better benefit. Maybe they will make it better and less reliant on rare earth metals and dangerously combustible batteries. Did you see how long it took to get one of those Tesla car batteries that caught fire under control?
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    Yes, as I've pointed out before on this forum and others, even though I'm heavily invested in Tsla, I am ambivalent towards Musk and his eccentricities and would rather he spends more time improving product quality.
    One major issue that concerns me is his Powerwall energy storage. I know neighborhoods where every 10th house has one installed, with a Tesla parked in every 5 houses. I also know neighborhoods that went down in flames during the last fires season in the Bay Area. One day, these neighborhoods will be one and the same and I'm really worried that fire departments will simply be unable to put these types of fires out.
    While this isn't Tesla's sole responsibility to find a solution, at least government should be ahead of this issue and work with other nations to determine a best practice to put these fires out quickly since electric energy storage is about to complement or replace most sources of energy in the next few years.
  4. Frank Marotte, CEO of Toyota France, says: “It’s an
    amazing challenge that we achieved with the new Mirai ?
    I would like to thank Victorien Erussard at Energy Observer, with
    whom we share the same vision and the same ambition ?
    Internally, it is the mindset of Start your Impossible,
    going beyond our own limits, that drives us ?
    Victorien Erussard - is an innovator and explorer. He has devoted
    his time to develop the first hydrogen vessel to travel around the
    world, powered solely by the sun, wind and hydrogen ?
  5. As long as it doesn't blow up, that is pretty cool!