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  1. Anyone familiar with Hydra/Spartan? If so, feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. does anybody of you veteran traders have any automatic strategy that works in ninja platform and produces a few $s per day?And you are willing to share with us the less bright ones?
  3. I thought Hydratrade closed down? Are they still running?
  4. Hydra's the worst platform i ever used. Sterling's a close second
  5. Sure buddy, I spent a few years working 80 hours/week trying to become consistently profitable. Then I spent another year automating the strategies. Now I can just give it to you on a public forum so that it becomes watered down and no longer works profitably? Sounds great!

    Seriously though, don't expect anyone to do any more than point you in the right direction. Not only does it not provide any benefit, it can actually detract from their own profitability.
  6. Take a look at the CoolTrade Automated Trader, they give you at least 5 strategies. There are more to be downloaded for free from the user community.

  7. Thank you my friend for your quick response and cynicism.Have a nice day.
  8. I believe the word is reality, not cynicism.
  9. He is correct. Those who find an edge do NOT want to give it to the lazy. Do your own research!!!