Hybrid Trailing Stop

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by PocketChange, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Looking for an exchange based / server side order platform to manage a specific hybrid trailing stop algorithim.

    Current solution is to manage orders via custom program placing and canceling orders.

    The hybrid trailing stop doesn't fit the standard delta parameters seen in most platforms.

    This hybrid stop simply trails and adjusts the stop order to 50% of a set interval and stops out or resets at the top of the interval. At the top, the chains are moved so to speak and the position continues with the stops set to this new interval.

    ie. 16 tick interval

    Long Trailing starts at -4 ticks and moves up 1 tick for every 2 ticks bid moves forward. Stop dynamically adjusts to 50% of the max over the interval (ie. -4 to +12 ticks). At 12 ticks from entry the chains are moved and the trailing resets to -4 ticks from this new point.

    This hybrid trailing stop adjusts from 4 to 8 ticks providing slack for the market to run.
  2. Hey Pocketchange

    what platform do you use??

    we connect to Xtrader and we have designed our software to allow the user to customize their stops exactly how you are describing. Check our website at www.cyborgtrading.com, email us at contact@cyborgtrading.com or PM me for more info.

    good luck
  3. We can use TT for this... BTW, Nice work on your web site and videos.