Hybrid stocks

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by skulltrader, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. EOP and AMX are going hybrid tomorrow 10/6/6. These will be the first 2 and the rest of the listed stocks will be rolloed out thru the rest of the year
  2. Wrong answer there guy.....

    The stocks are AXP, and EOP!
  3. What are hybrid stocks?
  4. kinda like nyse stocks trading like nasdaq stocks

    good luck tomorrow to all you guys who flip axp around

  5. They are a cross between a stock and a future. Basically they are futures that pay dividends much like a stock, but expire like futures. The best and worst of both worlds.

    JK :D
  6. HOLY COW, do you get leverage like a future?
  7. Oh very funny, I get it now. (egg on my face) This is what I get for not doing my homework! Futures...indeed! It would be cool though.
  8. jeez this axp trades dead as fried chicken
  9. amx was just a typo I meant AXP
  10. indeed, axp traded very slow - hopefully these
    LRP won't diminish volatility. :(
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