HYBRID ....I can't see the difference...can you see the difference?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by mcelitetrader, Oct 13, 2006.

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    I was trading HYBRID GG (Goldcorp) today and didnt really feel or see much of a difference in speed of execution or flow of orders. Is this the way it is supposed to run? If it goes like this and the specialist can't step out and setup camp on a level to load/unload his holdings then the new hybrid system is the best thing to cross the NYSE since sliced bread. So...the question is...has anyone trading NYSEhybrid noticed a great difference in order flow?

    Also ...the hybrid blog on the NSYE website is incredibly annoying and tiresome to read through. I wish the moderator of it would simply answer questions instead of making plays on words and not directly answering questions. Anyone else find this ?
  2. I see you dont have too much experience with metal sector stocks. They have been mostly electronic for years, they are moved by hedgies, arbs & funds. Hybrid may actually be a plus to those, but I have not had a chance to find out yet thanks to tech problems.
  3. GG was practically a hybrid start already. it is a bad example to look at.
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    you gotta be kidding me... the specialist of that stock has stolen my spread more than any other.
  5. This whole hybrid thing is just beginning. I read something on the NYSE site about a pilot program next year involving NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX stocks that has me much more concerned then this initial deployment. I have a feeling a couple of years from now NYSE will trade in a similar fashion to Nasdaq. Won't that be nice :eek:
  6. couple of years?......hmmmm
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    I see NYSE stocks trading erraticlly like NASDAQ stocks. Can't make money anymore.

    What are other traders experiencing re: NYSE stocks?
  8. I wouldn't say quite as ridiculous as the Nasdaq yet, but erratic enough that I haven't made any money since August. I don't even understand how a black box could sort out the noise on these stocks anymore.
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    I see specialists not making orderly markets anymore, since Hybrid phase 3.

    What do others see?
  10. Specialists aren't going to be able to provide as much liquidity as they used to because they now run the risk of getting run over by sweep orders.
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