Hussein challenges Bush to debate?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. nitro


    I just heard on the radio that Hussein has publicly challenged George W. to an international public debate.

    These gets stranger and strager by the minute!

    nitro :confused:

    PS BTW, is there any historical presedent of enemies about to go to war to challenge each other to a public debate?
  2. Josh_B


    ...."I am ready," said the Iraqi president, "to conduct a direct dialogue with your president. I will say what I want and he will say what he wants."

    "This will be an opportunity for him, if he's committed to war, this will be an opportunity to convince the world."

    Iraqi officials have repeatedly noted the size and strength of the anti-war demonstrations that occurred ten days ago. They are certain they have an audience for the proposed debate.

    "This is something proposed in earnest," Saddam said, "out of my respect for the people of the United States and my respect for the people of Iraq and the people of the world. I call for this because war is not a joke."

    "As leaders," the Iraqi president said to his American counterpart, "Why don't we use this opportunity?" ...

    Now that could make an all time high viewing audience?

  3. skeptic123

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    The debate is unlikely to take place of course, but if it did happen, I was kind of wondering who the anti-war crowd would be cheering for.

    I think I know the answer though.
  4. that debate will NEVER take place. whats to gain from debatuing a madman??
  5. tampa


    OK, you gotr me - who's the mad man?
  6. You and SH, obviously.
  7. tee hee hee you made a litle joke tee hee:D
  8. tampa


    So tell me Maxie, when was the last time George talked to Saddam? Or who was the last high ranking US official who went to Iraq? Hell, who was the last US official of any rank who went to Iraq?

    You don't know, do you Maxie - and you don't care. Your fat ass is safe and sound sitting at home. You aren't trying to raise a family in Iraq. You aren't poised to go into Iraq having no idea if you'll ever get back home safely. You don't give a drap about the people of Iraq, you don't give a crap about the US service people about to fight in your name. You don't give a crap about the ramifications around the world should we actually do this. Do you, Maxie?
  9. lets send tampa to talk to saddam. parachute him over bagdad. tampa.. call us on your cell when you touch down on the beach. :D
  10. tampa


    I see that you can't answer the question either - but that won't stop you from making a stupid wiseass comment. What the hell, it ain't your pretty little ass on the line.

    I also enjoyed the part about "let's send tampa" - as per usual, you really mean how about if someone else sends tampa.

    You war-stauds are somethin' else...
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