Hurtful racist comments

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  1. I'm wondering about this....Are racist comments only hurtful to people if they think the person saying them is better than them?

    For example...When a white person calls a black person a nigger, the shit hits the fan. But when a black person calls another black person a nigger, its no big deal. Its not just blacks...If a white person calls a mexican a wetback or a beaner, they get upset. If a white person calls an asian a chink or a gook, they get upset.

    But when someone from another race calls white people "Crackers" It really has no effect. If anything it makes me chuckle a bit because they think its a big deal. Why doesnt racial comments towards white people bother us? Is it because not only do we think we are better than other races, but the other races think this too? Or do we just have thicker skin than the rest of the world?

  2. Imo, the issue boils down to respect.

    Some people, their self respect is so fragile, the less material possesions, earning potential, etc the more value of what little they have which is the thin air of respect.

    We think they are fighting over nothing when we call them a name yet they are fighting for everything. Everything to them, their worldy possesion is respect.
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    If somebody called me a cracker my reaction would depend on whether he/she had a gun and/or I had my running shoes on... it wouldn't particularly hurt me. I just see stuff like that as coming from quasi-crazy and misguided people.

    I know an older black woman, she's a delight to talk to and dine with. The whole racism thingy just never resonated with her she says. She just ignores problem people pretty muchly and she's really a happy person.

    They did the human genome project in the '90's. Up until then white Europeans had this bullshit story they called "science". It was about how life originated in Africa and then tens of thousands of years later the "new and improved model" of humans appeared in Europe... the genome project outputted the discovery that the genetic differences between Africans and Whities was far too little to support that theory. Of course "science" never publicly apologized for misleading a few generations of people. In fact they probably are still forwarding the same theory, I don't know, I can't stomach their garbage and don't keep up on it...

    Democrats need racism to survive, if it all went away they would lose the black vote and without that they couldn't get the dogcatcher jobs that they are qualified for. They have stirred up racism among Blacks to the point where Whites can barely survive in the same environment...

    I solved all that sh^t for myself, screw the rest of the bullshit culture, I moved to a white area, it's just one less thing to think about now... I still have to worry about offending a Mexican but they don't make their living off of the racism industry so they have little incentive to get all up in arms with whities anyhow....
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    Gee peilthetraveler...I think you've really put your finger up something here...yo ass.
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    Are there any racists on ET?
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    Not exactly true because each situation is different depending upon the individual that's saying it.

    For example, a white person that has close black friends or grew up together with black people within certain economic background will be allowed to say the N word to his/her close friends only because they know it's not intended to be a racial slur.

    Now take that same white person and let him/her say it to other blacks he/she doesn't know...good chance it will be seen as a racial slur. The same is true when blacks make racial slurs towards really depends on whom said it, to whom it's said and within what context.

    Close friends usually have no problems with racial commentary amongst each other when aimed at each other as long its not intended to end a friendship.

    Simply, every situation is unique when the N word or any other slur is used towards someone different from us via skin, nationality, economic status, religion or whatever. Thus, it's not always black & white (pun intended).

  8. clearly... you need to have a shred of respect to give a fuck what someone thinks
  9. Makes sense. So if I'm called a name by someone I dont respect, it doesnt bother me. And the reason they get upset if I call them a name is because they respect me.

    Thats what you meant, right?
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    Some, most of them leftists who also claim there is no such thing as race.

    Which to me is kinda like claiming there is no such thing as water then accusing your enemies of being swimmers.
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