HURT: Why Use Despicable, Clueless Left-Wing Media To Moderate GOP Debates?

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    The same question I asked here a few weeks ago.

    By Charles Hurt
    There is growing consternation in Republican circles and among conservatives over why Republicans keep allowing the various Communist, leftist and otherwise anti-American TV networks to host GOP debates.

    The ickiness of Diana Sawyer asking questions in her cloying voice is more than most can bear. The utter cluelessness of the questions these people think actual American voters care about is mystifying. The shameless and ham-handed pandering to conservatives by the networks is revolting.

    Indeed, the entire phoenix rising candidacy of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich can be attributed to America’s abject hatred of the left-wing media. He was destitute and written off by the press when he tapped into one of the most visceral political reactions coursing through the veins of regular Americans. And once be began beating up the media, America gathered around him.

    Last night, we saw once again why Republicans need to keep allowing fakers and Communists to moderate their GOP debates. Because without the leftist, elitist snobs to beat the ever-living crap out of every couple of weeks, the debates would be so much less fun.
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    Good post.

    If the republicans can't stand up to leftist journalists then they might not be up to dealing with them in the General election.

    Newt seems to have tapped into the resentment the public feels towards the MSM.

    ABC is being punished pretty effectively for the ex-wife election manipulating hit piece and Newt certainly punished CNN bigtime last night during the SC debate.