Hurry up public option!!

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  1. Just received a notice in the mail from my health insurance company, premiums going up by 28%. I'm damn sure ready for congress to do something about the health insurance industry. The insurance companies have you by the balls, if you go price shop for a new insurer you have preexisting conditions to deal with and the dreaded first two years where if you do come up with a disease they can always say it was preexisting even if you don't know about it. Come on Republicans either get off your fat asses and help make a decent bill or come up with a solution to this mess and Democrats grow some balls, they control the congress and senate and the white house and they still can't get shit done. Well guess I'll start paying higher premiums now that I got the bitching and griping out of my system.
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    M Jared

    Why are States with few illegals premiums just as high as states with many illegals ?

    Try again
  3. I'm in Texas not California. I'd get a cap in my ass if I tried to deport anyone or get thrown in jail. :)
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    M Jared

    Texas has tough tort reform laws,according to the Republicans thats supposed to make your premiums go down
  5. My guess is that the insurance companies are going to jack up rates as much as they can right now to cover their butts for what ever congress passes in health reform and if nothing bad happens for them, then they will keep the overcharged profits.
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    Who`s gonna pay for it all?
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    Are the insurance companies multistate?
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    In a sense, an insurance company's product is money, which is the same entity as profit. So, rather uniquely, if they can cut production, ie. payouts, their profit rises, all other things being equal. Having shareholders and boards of directors running healthcare is a bad idea.

    What's a better idea? I'm not sure yet. I think a lot more could be spent on advertising healthy lifestyle. That might put them at odds with fast food and other corporations, though...
  10. I pay my own premiums, I want a choice not help with my payments. There is a huge risk in switching health insurance companies so the competition and choice isn't there like it should be. If we took away the congress and senates health insurance packages and made them shop on their own, maybe they would have a better understanding of the problems with our current system. The congressmen with preexisting conditions would definatly have a different viewpoint.
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