Hurricane vs. RNC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cuz69, Sep 5, 2008.

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    Ok here we go again. Now the latest is that Bush/Cheney didn't show up. First time in 40 yrs I think they said.

    But if he did show up, all you lefts and the media would have said he didn't give a shit about the people in the Gulf.
    You all have criticized him for Katrina, when it was local gov that screwed up!

    You lefts really need to get your shit straight!

    Oh by the way, he did address the RNC on big screen. Think I saw that. But I guess you lefties must have missed that.

  2. You THINK you saw that? You're not testifying before Congress here, were you there when you saw it?
  3. cuz69


    Omega, I was being sarcastic. Of course I saw it... but that made me laugh. thanks.
  4. You got me. Shoulda saw that. Thanks for not calling me some name.

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    No problemo...:D
  6. Bush didnt show up because his dislikability is so high... make no mistake about it! Same for " SHhhhhhh, Im huntin a wabbit"

    911 did however show up.......... long ass clip that will be played at every republican convention from here on out..... Along side Reagan (even though i loved Regan ....... those were the years i was proud to say i was a republican..... the days before the party got high jacked by the loony evangelicals .

  7. cuz69


    You know Duck you really kill me, sometimes I am dead on with you(and this is not one of them) and sometimes on totally opposite sides.
    Is this like a love hate
    Thats not why he didn' t show up.
    Oh wait that ASSHOLE HERALDO is on OREILLY right now. CAN'T STAND THAT MOFO!