Hurricane Sandy, God and Romney

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  1. The Liberal terrorist-loving anti-semites on the East Coast are being punished by God for their adoration of the muzzie immigrant Obama.

    Hurrican Sandy is proof that God supports Romney, a man of the book, who will lay down his life and the lives of all American patriots to defend Israel from Iran.

    Only by defending Israel, the land of the Jews (God's chosen children), can the prophecies of the Bible come true.

    J Cohen
  2. Bad God.:mad:.
  3. God is Good (minus an 'o').
  4. pissed off that god shut down the markets. Just punish the democrats.
  5. This is the moment when the rise of the ocean did not begin to slow.

    Looks like another failed promise of Obama's.
  6. LEAPup


    Hope this storm isn't too destructive as the msm will cover every second of it showing the "caring Obama" out visiting the devastated areas. People tend to rally around a president in times of natural disaster. This storm couldn't have come at a worse time.
  7. Point taken. Obama is a natural disaster.
    Can anyone say something good about Obama?

    "Bush was worse."

    (Shut up Barry, no one's talkiing to you)
  8. God will send natural disasters to the liberal parts of our land. But God-loving, Romney supporting, Israel-loving parts of the USA such as Texas will be spared.

    Now, let the floods start on the East Coast! :D

    Vote Romney 2012 for a safe Israel and a nuclear winter in Iran.
  9. The liberal east coast is being destroyed by God, in order to help Romney win.

    The liberals will be made homeless as punishment for supporting Obama, the anti-Christ anti-semite Israel-hater.