Hurricane Irma Headed Straight For ET

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    It's about 8:40 PM on Sunday night and it sounds like a train is coming down our street. It looks like the eye of Irma is headed straight for me. The trees are bending over sideways and the power is flickering on and off. In fact, it's gone off twice just trying to make this post. If everything goes dark here, it may be a few days before you hear back from me for obvious reasons. Carry on as usual in my absence until things get back to normal. :thumbsup:

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    Best of luck, hope all goes well. We will hold down the fort here until you return.
  3. How's your stock of beer ?
  4. neke


    I guess we are fine as long as your web site is not hosted at home :)
  5. Overnight


    You'll be fine Baron. You're like dueling at Diablo. I am sure you will win. :)

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    Be safe I hope all goes well for you
  7. That's only a relatively measly Size 2 Hurricane...I can only imagine what a maximum Size 5 feels like, o_O
    Florida has it easy, compared to what its neighboring tropical island countries Southeast of it,

    The Train is Coming
    Money Train 1995 movie soundtrack,

    this movie starts off at the Wall St subway station,
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  8. How long the hurricanes last?
  9. Hope the ET servers aren't in your basement!
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    Was wondering about you ... good luck man. Maybe crank up 'rock you like a hurricane - scorpions' and party as much as possible.
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