Hurricane Ike

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  1. Some of my trader friends think I'm nuts but IMO market softness today contains an Ike concession. This thing could be a BIG problem.
  2. Yup..looks like S. FLA is in the bullseye...
    maybe a cross into the gulf?
    Natty sure bounced off the lows...

  3. Anyone long ALL has rocks in their head.

    I give Ike a 1 in 3 chance of hitting SoFla and at present strength it'll be the most expensive disaster in U.S. history.
  4. Shel M.

    Shel M.

    I live in S. Florida and expect Ike to slam us next week. Lucky me, I'm a day trader with no overnight positions. Wasn't it great to be short today? This is the forecast I watch:

    So, I'm making plans to leave but this could be bigger than Andrew in 1992 and that was big.

  5. what's another $150 billion on the national tab?

    2009 current account must be approaching a trillion at least
  6. Nonsense. Housing prices are pre - Andrew. How can that be?:D
  7. Ever notice how things like this hit the US everytime we dick around with pushing Israel to give up land for peace? It is well correlated, believe it or don't.
  8. The 11pm report will give us a good idea if we (West Palm Beach) are going to get hit in the next few money says no and that it will swing north ...a good chance the Carolinas might get whacked...hope not.
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