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  1. Just watched him being interviewed by Neil Cavuto. Holy shit, this guy is straight forward, no nonsense, intelligent and plain spoken. Very impressive! Too bad he's no where near crazy enough to win the nomination, but I'd vote for him.
  2. I read a news report on him, he was giving some kind of speech to the republican faithful somewhere and I think someone asked him if he could say a few words in Mandarin, so he started speaking fluently in Chinese.

    You would think being able to speak a foreign language fluently, in particular mandarin would be an asset but anyway...

    After the event, this reporter went around interviewing the audience and some of them totally freaked out about him speaking mandarin that well, thought he was the devil/Chinese spy or something. Some of them said he was "un-american"

  3. He is the McCain of 2012, the candidate the media desperately want republicans to nominate.

    Let's just recall that he served in the obama administration and wrote obama a love note about his extraordinary leadership. Think the media will bring that up if he gets the nomination? He supports cap and trade type control over the economy. He supported tax increases to deal with the debt ceiling. In short, he's a semi-RINO, George Bush-style republican. Why settle for him when we can have a real conservative?
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    Anyone but Obama.