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  1. I am a complete and utter idiot when it comes to options but...did any of you options traders see this today? after the bell it was announced hexion and apollo wanted to back out from buying HUN....stock crashes.

    well today there was a lot of activity on the jul 22.5 calls (5,313 vol 5,641 open int) and jul 17.5 puts (6,787 vol 21,297 open int). what type of trade might this has been? it seems like it might have been a bet that HUN was going to trade outside of that 17.5-22.5 i a complete idiot here?
  2. Hey Robbie

    Loved your question about options activity in HUN--for somebody who says he doesn't know much about options, you sure hit the nail on the head here!

    I work for The Options News Network and we report daily on significant and unusual options trading in our SideWinder Real-Time Update every morning from the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. I filled-in this morning for our resident expert options pro, Jud Pyle, and profiled HUN as one of the biggest percentage movers. HUN options did not come up on our radar yesterday morning on the market open because the volumes were not that significant yet versus open interest. But, our traders were seeing the activity later in the day and kept calling around to see what the story was. Of course none of us found out until the news after the close Wednesday.

    But, your question prompted me to investigate further and I wrote a piece for SeekingAlpha today that should be posted by tomorrow morning talking about some of the dynamics of the significant and unusual option activity in HUN before the bomb dropped. As we say here at The Options News Network, "the news happens in the options markets first!" Whether somebody did something wrong or not with secret info is not for us to worry about. We'll leave that to the SEC.

    Be sure to check out tomorrow for my piece and buy yourself a beer (or coffee) for me for zeroing-in on this activity! You must tell me how an options novice like yourself found the info to begin with... you got connections some where, or what? You are certainly not "a complete and utter idiot when it comes to options!"

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    Kevin Cook
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  4. Just a word of advise, dont post on seekingalpha if want to remain credible that website is a cesspool of misinformation. I remember there was one article about etrade (dont remmeber exactly if the author was bullish or bearish) but he basically took some quotes from a few zealot posts on the etrade YAHOO FINANCE BOARD and made it as if it was from a genuine source, then based his entire bull/bear argument around it.

    This article was headline news on seekingalpha for a while. It was so laughable, the comments on the article made it worthwhile entertainment though.