Hunt the Boeing! And test your perceptions!

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  1. By the way, for the most part, if you work in ANY capacity for the usually cannot comment on JACK let alone give your name, rank ect.....I'll bet 90% of these names are not traceable...or as is often the case they are "suddenly retired"

    think about it? Could you imagine going to work one morning and your boss the general is holding a press clip you gave to some grade b web site?
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  2. Right, "some grade B web site" like:
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  3. nitro


    Ah wild,

    can you be more specific?

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  5. Love it!:)
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  6. Yes the army link appears legit....and BeannerBanner .com????

    that sounds like a porn site to me....what i find odd about some of these links is that there's no advertising on most of them...the Sun-times link is purported to be the "chicago Sun-times"....Don't you find it odd that the Sun -Times of Chicago doesn't sell advertising space??? Pop ups? I think this is a different Sun -Times...I have a feeling this is the one who printed the head line:

    'BATBOY ESCAPES'..the 18 inch half bat half man is considered dangerous.....

    by the way, if any one sees him please do not attempt to capture him yourself , call the proper authorities.:D
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  7. First, let me say I think these conspiracy theories are silly and right up there with "all the Jews who worked in the WTC were warned to stay home. " I mean what else happened to the damn plane? Did "they" hide it at Roswell? And you would have to admire the exquisite timing "they" used to blow up a portion of the Pentagon on literally minutes notice, when the Air Force couldn't get fighter cover over DC on 15 minutes notice. And I guess the Todd Beemer crash was another hoax? Tell it to his wife, I'm not.

    Having said that, I have to admit that the actual Pentagon crash site certainly did not look like a plane hit it. I have driven past it dozens of times, as a busy highway off I-395 goes by a few hundred yards from the crash site. I think part of the problem is the odd shape and size of the building. It is mammoth but doesn't look that big from a distance. So damage that would have demolished a smaller building puts a hole in the side of it. And remember, the WTC crashes did not initially destroy the towers. If they hadn't collapsed, the end result might not have looked that different from the Pentagon.
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