Hungary "very grave situation" - previous government lied about economy

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    I (currently) don't have a broker where I can trade HUF. I might look into brokers that do allow customers to trade USD/HUF and EUR/HUF.

    In the meantime, I am playing Hungary with what I think is the one and only non-pink-sheet company: NYSE:MTA.

    Any other ways to "play" Hungary?
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    Oanda has USD HUF
  3. yep i have just done a report on this and i noticed this. other include slovakia, poland, malta, slovenia and romania.

    if you look at the long term mean debt and standard deviation the situation is almost as bad as greece.
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    hungary is a special case in europe. it had a large external debt even during communism.
    so nothing new under the sun here - the situation is actually not that bad (well, maybe now it is when the idiots started to campaign internationally).

    fidesz just tries to make a space for negotiation with IMF and put all blame on the socialists because there will need to be some (unpopular) austerity measures put in place. you should be careful if you want to trade this because odds are that you have absolutely no clue what is going on the ground unless you live in the area - and local will take your money away.

    that said the rhetoric from fidesz is totally irresponsible and stupid - who the hell wants to make investors more nervous just now? especially if you are a leveraged country?

    Idiots - maybe they should get a lesson after all....
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    and it makes more sense to trade EUR/HUF at Oanda...
  6. At this point I think I'd be long USD/HUF.
  7. I wonder if George Soros will bail his country out.
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    US government and I wager to say most "industrialized nations" do it regularity.. they call it "reports". Do you honestly think the REAL inflation is zero in the USA? of course they call a synthetic inflation index official, excluding food and energy, like who needs those, DUHH...

    Magyar vagy?
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    Hungary is not an EURO country so they can just print forints quickly convert them on forex and service their debt, baba-bing, like printing euro's.
    P.S. I suspect this reason why many new euro zone (eastern block) nations will not be as quick to merge to Euro.
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