Hungary For More?

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    Good article.. Thanks for posting!

  2. There's really nothing wrong with Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  3. Look at their long term mean average debt and standard deviation. It is just a matter of time. Just because you haven't seen it in the media does not mean it is not there. I could provide you with the details if you wish.
  4. My friend, I don't need the details and the media. I am stating an (moderately) informed view of mine. Specifically, I would like to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  5. Have you seen their debt levels. Look at the volatility. What are you backing your position with. Gut Feeling?
  6. I am not a "gut feeling" sort of guy, m. I have looked at these countries quite a lot and, even though they have their share of problems, they're far less dysfunctional than most of their Western brethren. Would you like me to give you specifics?
  7. They are dependent on debt. They have a fragile private sector. Please give me specifics.
  8. Will do, later on today, if OK with you... Once the stress test idiocy is over.
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    It's certainly news worthy. Wonder why this isn't making headlines?
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