Hungary and the virtues of not being in a currency union.

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  1. 1 year yielding 10%.
  2. but the gov can effectively default by devaluating at will. What's your problem ?
  3. The UK and the virtue of not being in a currency union.

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    it doesn't make a difference. most currencies are going to hell.
  5. I agree ... over time the intrinsic value of most of them is zero or close to it.

  6. The rise of the right wing imbeciles, known as the Jobbik, could be a cause of the problem.

    Google images of Jobbiks and you come up with the usual pictures when dealing with the right wing:


  7. blah blah blah. racism is not human made stuff. it is part of all living creature lives.

    thanks to media and politician and lobyiists you get temporary coherence that ends bad. these guys are signs of times turning bad.
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    The problem is all the debt they have that is not denominated in the national currency