Hundreds of Economists Urge Congress Not to Rush on Rescue Plan

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    "It doesn't seem to me that a lot decisions that we're going to have to live with for a long time have to be made by Friday," said Robert Lucas, a University of Chicago economist and 1995 Nobel Prize winner who signed the letter. "The situation may get urgent, but it's not urgent right now. Right now it's a financial sector problem.'"
  2. Educated idiots get little attention from me. Wisdom does not come from either education or knowledge. I would simply like to see the market allowed to correct itself, instead of further propping up and artificial bandaids that may turn out to be worthless. Then, we would be headed further south WITH a trillion more in debt for our children. Unacceptable.
  3. If "hundreds" of economists agree on something, be careful, be very careful. :cool: