Hundreds killed in Violence Triggered by Election of Nigerian Christian

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  1. ZONKWA, Nigeria (AP) — Soldiers wore surgical masks against the smell as workers loaded corpses onto a truck, with hundreds reported killed in postelection violence in this town alone.

    Fearful of stoking more violence, authorities have been reluctant to release a nationwide death toll after the victory of the incumbent president, a Christian, in Saturday‘s election caused a wave of killings and arson attacks across the country’s mostly Muslim north.

    A local imam and a soldier in Zonkwa estimated hundreds had been killed in the town alone since Monday. Bodies were left to rot in the sweltering heat. Residents fled the town, their belongings piled on wheelbarrows.
  2. Man its f*cking Nigeria they riot at the drop of a hat and Christians V Muslims has claimed nearly 10000 lives in the last 15 years. When its not the Jesus Freaks against the Jihadis its tribe against tribe or oil security against locals.