Hunch Trade

Discussion in 'Forex' started by aonelite, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. aonelite


    Somehow I feel dizzy today. So, I just place an order based on how I feel about the price.
    All of sudden, 2 trades passes and I made $1000 in 3 mins XD. And I said to myself, hey I did better than my systems. LOL

    P.S. Not recommended..
  2. In the market conditions of the past couple of weeks a hunch is as good as anything else it seems, it certainly was for you!
  3. aonelite


    Yes, may be, a system depends almost on market conditions, but to choose which system is best suited for the current market condition is difficult for me. You seem very experienced, What is your overall strategy?
  4. Technical analysis on 4hr and 15min charts, scalping mainly with the occasional home run.
  5. The thing about hunch trades is that you do so well on them, then you are trying to do them all the time which will eventually kick your ass.
  6. heypa


    Correct. A hunch can be an intuitive possible trade. As soon as you look for them they are no longer hunches but rather they are ideas added to your logic control WHERE THEY DO NOT BELONG!
  7. aonelite


    Yeph, that's right. That's why it is not recommended. But once in a while is ok, right? :)