Humoristic irony regarding execution.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by triggger, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. triggger


    Now that finally I have a good scalping strategy, I can't pull the trigger LOL. I am well capitalized with 5 k -- good amount for scalping.
    Can someone help me please. I don't know how to automate trading and don't want to waste time learning to do that.

  2. AAA30


    Is 5k too much for you to lose? Ask yourself this. You need to find your underlying[b/] reason(s) why you are scared. Start with, fear to lose, past performance, faith in your method and faith in your self. good luck. One suggesttion that I have heard for this problem is to try to execute 100 trades in a day and only aim to cover the vig.
  3. I can't pull the trigger LOL

    Wha are the consequences of not taking action?
  4. promagma


    What are the consequences of not taking action?

    Sitting around posting on ET :eek:
  5. Do your stratgey in a sim account using excel...

    If you can't get it modeled and trading in excel in a sim account why would you want to roll it out?
  6. :D :D LOL
  7. 1) You're the first person I have encountered who has bragged about having a "5 k" account.

    2) You're psychologically undercapitalized if you're not confident enough to trade your own system.
  8. so what exactly are you looking for?

    someone to pull trigger for you?
    some mental support?
    a partner?
    an assistant?

    Join a prop firm/group/private fund - discuss with them. I def know of a few who can figure a way to solve your problem.
  9. triggger


    thanks I'll try it :)