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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tbomb, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. tbomb


    how does one pick his universe of stocks to trade? How many names should a beginner focus on? Please respond with detailed step by step process, thank you.

    I have my Series 7, 63, and 55; would like to learn how to prop trade.
  2. You decide how you want to trade, then pick instrument(s) that suit that style. If you haven't decided on the first part, you can't do the second.
  3. Mecro


    Try separating stocks by sectors. Very important.

    Then price range and average daily volume.
  4. Hope this helps. I wrote it a long time ago. But nothing changes.

    Maybe you could start by reading the thread from the beginning. I don't think it could hurt. (If I recall correctly, the thread eventually degenerated, as they all seem to). But I did put in quite a bit of effort. Maybe the thread still has value for newer traders.

    But I think this specific post may address your question.