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    Funny how oil jumped the day before Israeli's weekend military strike.
  2. Yep! And before the Pak & India rout. As if that is not an engineered conflict. Should be pretty obvious.

    It's the same formula of pitting A against B for the benefit of C.
    They didn't waste too long after "india's 9/11" to create war in advance of a new world order...the same forumula as used in USA...NWO coming soon to a town near you.

    Anyway, I am long USO with a near-term target of $35.
  3. Don't be too gleeful TorontoTrader, you're finished first in the NWO.

  4. NWO? I'll believe it when I see it. That kinda crap is garbage. No one's sitting back playing Risk with the countries
  5. LOL so true :p :D
  6. Speaking of the NWO...

    New World Order (NWO) plans in jeopardy following 2008 market slump

    By Andreas Hippin

    Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The Illuminati, a shadowy group of elitist bankers bent on world domination, said today that market developments in 2008 have hindered their goal of establishing a New World Order by 2012. Bob Rothschild, a descendant of the infamous Mayer Amschel Rothschild, spoke about the extent the credit crisis has derailed the Illuminati goals. “We were making great progress under former U.S. President Bill Clinton and current President George H. W. Bush. The plan was to allow for easy credit followed by deflation as a way to force foreclosures. This would transfer large swarfs of private property to banks we control. However, something went terribly wrong. We underestimated our risk exposure and got caught up in the mess. J. P. Morgan purchased Bear Sterns, as planned, at a deep discount over fair value or at least that’s what we though,” said Rothschild. We greatly underestimated Bear’s exposure to Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Credit Default Swaps (CDS). “They were just too hard to value, and we did not realize it before it was too late.”

    Jason Rockefeller, charged with funding the operations of the provisional NWO by manipulating world events, disclosed today that the New World Order, LLC lost $6.2 billion in loses with Bernard Madoff Capital Management. Exposure could reach as high as $10 billion. “We were having a really bad year, and this totally blindsided us,” explained Rockefeller. We have experienced a significant loss with Madoff, and to add further insult to injury we were highly leveraged. Had we not been for whom we are, we would have received a margin call resulting in total liquidation of our positions. We would have made us insolvent,” explained Rockefeller. “We had to call in a lot of favors this time around.” The NWO’s traditional funding sources in times of emergency -- the Vatican Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York -- are experiencing their own liquidity problems.

    Federal Reserve

    The Federal Reserve was a liquidity provider of last resort for the Illuminati. However, financial markets remain considerably strained and a swelling balance sheet has been wholly committed to support the overall financial system. A freedom of information request by Bloomberg News to discover the recipients $2 trillion in loans by the Fed was denied. However, a Federal Reserve governor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity since all activities related to the Illuminati and the NWO are top secret. “Traditionally we would receive interest payments by purchasing treasury bills, which would then be distributed in the form of dividends to the Illuminati and other member banks. Anything excess to the Illuminati’s needs would be transfer to the Treasury. However, all of our T-Bills have been lent out to prevent an outright collapse of the financial system. The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, colloquially known as the Plunge Protection Team (PPT), had to go out in full force a couple days in October to prevent a meltdown of biblical proportions. We would have preferred to remain a Wall Street legend but it became necessary to prop up the markets in October, even if it meant exposing Goldman Sachs Group and J.P. Morgan as our proxies for our index futures purchases. The Plunge Protection Team is charged with purchasing unlimited index futures in event of a sever stock market crash. “Had the President’s Working Group allowed a crash, it would have severely prohibited the Illuminati from establishing their New World Order, which has been in the works for well over 100 years. “It was not an option.”

    End game

    The Illuminati had originally planed to have the New World Order up and running by December 21, 2012, to match the end of the Mayan calendar of order time. However, Billy Vanderbilt, Supreme Emperor in waiting of the New World Order, believes that date is far too optimistic. We are so behind schedule and the world is spinning out of control. “Normally we like to be in control, but this financial crisis has sent everything into disrepair. We risk a total annihilation of our goals established in 1932 and again in Benton Woods. “All we can do now is hope for the best.”

    To contact the reporter on this story: Andreas Hippin in Washington at

    Last Updated: December 27, 2008 15:20 EST

  7. ok! For starters Europe was taken over by the Euro and European Union. just imagine how every country was invaded again...this time economically! Not a shot was fired.

    The next steps are the American Union (there is so much economic chaos and shock capitalism that we'll soon be on our knees begging for a "solution").

    And then an Asian Economic Union. why do you think they are nuturing china's brutal communist regime into a powerhouse? You'll not hear the world Sanctions used there.

    Anyway back to oil I do believe a medium term bottom is in.
  8. Ughhhh what a load of crap. No one's going to be begging on their knees. That's something you NWO boobs make up because it sounds good.

    Life will continue as usual.

  9. LOL

    It jumped on christmas even (wednesday) becuase the oil inventroy number!

    -3million barrels when expected was +0.4million.

    MArket is so etremely cheap and oversold already, esecially after this latest crash from 50 to the low 30s straightline in just 4days,
    that having undersupply inventory number is extremely great ecuse for buying.
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