Humbled and Depressed

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    I'm lost, in bad need of a psychiatric couch. Spent all 2005, working my butt off trying to be successful at this stuff.

    Then one day my wife comes screaming in my office "BUY VRTX!!!!". I'm saying to myself, wtf is VRTX? I can't question her, there's serious ramifications, if it loses money we all know what that is, if it goes up and didn't buy, I'll never hear the end of it. Then the risk of being cutoff!!! I hate being put in this position and had to buy.

    Now I'm scratching my head going booga booga. The lil woman has managed to outperform all my efforts in 2005. Man, that was a lot of 2005 effort. watching all the suiggly charts, calculating angles of dangles, reading everything and essentially practicing my daily voodoo.

    What do I do Doc? Should I become the sex object and let her trade? Doc, I'm trying to put this in perspective, this is real, take it serious and quit laughing .....

  2. I can identify. When I started trading my wife felt she had to comment on every profit, and most especially, every loss. I finally had to draw the line. Impossible and unhealthy to trade together. My solution was simple. I funded a small account for her, and she trades on her own, with the understanding that I don't want to hear any more comments about my trades. Fortunately, it helps that I'm consistently profitable.

    But in any event, trading isn't a team sport, especially with your wife, and especially when you're trying to learn the ropes.

    It might help to explain that you are in a learning process, and that her involvement is just counterproductive to that.

    And of course at the same time, you will want her to appreciate how much you otherwise value her opinion, love and cherish her insight and wisdom, and are delighted with what she is wearing.

    It will also help if you have this conversation over a nice dinner in a fine restaurant with a good bottle of wine.
  3. now aint that telling the truth... Nice tips there, my man!! :D

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    hehehe, good advice TruthTeller.

    Until I figure this out gonna go shopping at Nordstrom's then plan an awesome dinner. At my age it's starting to get damn tough looking sexy, but gotta try.

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    Don't confuse luck (VRTX) with brains.

  6. Haven't you learned by now that with women you either have to (1) Look sexy or (2) Be profitable. They'll buy either one.

    Since reportedly you aren't yet (2), you'd damn well better get busy with (1)!
  7. LOL! Nice.
  8. Women are needy. When your wife tells you she wants to help you trade, she's really asking you to pay more attention to her. Instead of funding her account, try giving her gift certificate for a few pedicures. Women dig pedicures.
  9. Hehe... I'd hate to be the one married to a wife that said "buy GOOG" when it was well under 200 but didnt, and then called her crazy for suggesting it. Talk about the dog house...
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    If this is your livelihood, then you need to treat it as such. Maybe VRTX was a winner. But what happens next time if she throws out a stock that ends up tanking. Will that cause friction and arguments between the two of you? Will you blame her for the "loss"? Will she get defensive? What might it do to your P/L?

    Personally I think it's best to trade as you see fit, choosing your own trades. Tha's worked best with me and my other half. That way, with no outside influences, I am 100% responsible for my performance and we don't have reason for arguments or disagreements.
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