Humble? or Greedy? who are you?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by daytrade, Oct 21, 2011.

After video would you say....

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  1. I am humble and proud

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  2. I am greedy and proud

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  3. Im afraid of who i am

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  4. I dont know anymore

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  1. Eight


    Humble and Proud are exact opposites...

    Humility comes with being content no matter where you are: Trusting in God to supply you with what you need [and He knows a lot better than anybody] when you need it.

    Pride comes from believing lies from the devil. Uncover a lie, tell the Devil that Jesus bought you back from that unbelief and the devil goes away ever so silently. He takes pain, disease, confusion and a couple of hundred other possible things with him every time you do that simple little exercise...
  2. The mistress of the market will bitch slap you and take your money away anytime you are anything but humble.
  3. cornix


    Humble and greedy. See no contradiction here. :D

    Humble is how you feel relative to others, greedy is the passion to make more profits.