"Humble advice for Series 7 candidates"

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by exce26, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. exce26


    I just passed Series 7 exam this afternoon(Heha!)
    There were lots of questions about option & bonds.
    Actual calculation questions were less than 10.
    Total 260 questions in 6 hours limit
    I fininsed all in 3 & half hours
    Before taking test, solve lots of practice questions & make sure you really understand the answer, not just memorizing...

    Good luck to all future Series 7 candidates!

  2. congratulations exec.. =).. thanks for the advice..

  3. lescor


    Way to go. You're joining Echo aren't you? I'm hoping to write mine in about 6 weeks and am going there as well.

    Two questions- what kind of background did you have before you started studying, and how much study time did you put in?

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    Congrats Exec!!!:) :) :)
  5. lesco-
    just to add my exp...I had no business experience at all, had never taken any business or accounting courses in college(although i was a decent student 3.2 gpa)..I studied about 3 hours a night 5 days a week for 3weeks...and scored 84

    options and muni bonds probably the more difficult sections...but once you get the main ideas down you'll be fine.
    good luck:)
  6. ChrisRT


    Congrats Exce26..glad to hear you were successful.

    I was in NY last week and went over to see Tony Dwyer at his office for 1/2 hour or so. The Nasdaq Proctor Center is right across the hall and he gave me a little bull/bear story:

    He said, during the Internet mania bull phase, you couldn't imagine how many people were trying to look through the little window in the door to see those taking the test, waiting for their chance, and the bathroom on that floor was worse than a stall/sink at a concert.

    Today you can hear birds chirping it's so quiet. There was another center downtown, and I can only imagine it's the same..maybe crickets instead of birds...

    Congrats to you all the same.

  7. exce26


    Someone asked me about my experience on Series 7 exam.
    I had experience on computer network liscense exam, but the Series 7 was the first time. The big difference was that Series 7 requires lots of time & think to solve 260 questions. It can easily drag you down & make you feel exausted.
    It is a battle with your self.
    I heard lot's of people spend money on study materials & training.
    In my case, I just went to a local library & borrowed a couple of books. I read it though several times, solved all the questions & made sure to understand why instead of just memorizing
    I did not see any exact same questions on the test, but there were lots of similiarities & relations toward...
    And thanks to a librarian who happily extened my due date...
  8. lescor


    This is a little off topic, but Chris replied in this thread and I wanted to say that I really enjoy your contribution to realmoney.com and hope you'll weigh in on some of the threads here more often.

    The more I talk to people about the S7 exam, the more I realize what a big undertaking the preparation is going to be. Oh well, I love the biz and I'll sink my teeth into it like all the rest of the stuff I've had to learn.
  9. exce26


    Just curiosity....Who's Chris?
    Can you put the thread here, so I can look at it?
  10. ChrisRT


    I'm just a little guy in a big world trying to collect as many memories as I can before my time expires.

    Thanks for the comments lescor. I enjoy these threads a great deal...time issues are the main sticky points for my contributions.

    All the best,

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