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  1. To a certain extent, he market may reward an attitude of sincere humbility.

    You will have to become proficient in Jack's NLP though.

    Yelling "I am a genius" every half hour or so is to be recommended.

    Hope this helps.
  2. From:

    "So now using technical analysis instead to play swing, anyone want to recommend any good pattern to play?"

    Humbility is NOT thinking you are so special that in your inaugural first post, having contributed absolutely nothing, you are entitled to a freebie which will set you up handsomely for life.

    Humbility would have let this trader see that it is he who is at fault for failure, not the market. Then he MIGHT have stood his now-losing bull market strategy on it's ear and made money shorting.
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    You've got Art Deco, one of your sock puppets, on this thread as well.
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    Humbility: [noun]

    -- Excessive feeling of excellence and invincibility, specially among traders.

    Yes, I agree humBility (sic) is definitely bad... :)
  5. Thank you all for posting. I think you get the point. Cheese, if you will due your do diligence, you will discover that I am a real person of some repute and that Hypo is the sock puppet.
  6. Speaking in general...
    Let's says a "genius" is the Mensa standard of IQ in the top 2% of the population.

    People who are "geniuses"...
    Know it from about kindergarden/Grade 1 onwards.
    If you are not sure... then you are not.

    Many professions, such a doctor, lawyer, or hedge fund manager...
    Absolutely demand near genius intellect.
    Medical diagnosis is too complex with too many variables to be done well by an average person.

    That's why entrance exams for medical school or law school are essentially IQ tests...
    And an ultra-intensive 4-5 year program...
    Can then turn out graduates of whom 80-90% go on to succeed as doctors/lawyers.

    In sharp contrast...
    Anybody can become a "trader" or a "hedge fund manager"...
    So 90% of them fail...
    And revert to some kind of scam...
    Or spend the rest of their lives complaining about "bad luck" or whatever.

    What was the question? Humility?

    Humility is essential in all the above professions...
    So that the person is ** self-critical enough ** to evolve from the mistakes they make...
    And reach a level of professional excellence after 10-20 years.
  7. No, the question was HumBility.
    You are off topic.
  8. Finally, an example of true humbility:

    Showing that it often comes the hard way.

    Thank you, as always, NN for your immoral support. There are many lacunae in American English dictionaries waiting to be filled by the inventive (or the lysdexic). I mean, if we insist on humility, we must take in with that humile. If we insist on humble, then we must use humbiliation. A little incipient Alsheimer's clouded by hangover facilitates this creative process.

    The trading community needs new words. For example, NN, if people of our ilk (collectively referred to as ilky) are specifically day traders, then we must name those who trade the off-hours nighttraders.
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