Human zoos: When real people were exhibits

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    Quite frankly they should round up all the animals who stampede into the local walmart on Black Friday and trample people, (all to save a couple dollars) and throw them in an exhibit. :D
  3. That "exhibit" is readily available for you to visit, free of charge. It's called "The Ghetto". View it at your own peril. :(
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    ...yeah, with the lions.
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    Of course this article goes on to imply that it was Christians who caused all this, and of course doesn't even mention Ota Benga, the African who was put on display at the Bronx Zoo in New York in 1906, and you'll have to look really hard past all the internet scrubbing to find out real truth, that it was not Christians, but the opposite who got great delight at this display and the New York Times was very approving.

    Just another case if rewriting history and using it for political advantage. What's new.