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  1. I think at least 8 times this year there has been a "fabricated" bottom that we (me included) don't seem to see it for what it is... I am amazed... Until economies show some sign of bottoming, NOTHING will give markets sustainable strength.. unbelievably hopeful till the very end.
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    It is a huge mistake to get caught up in the notion that the stock market and the economy are somehow the same thing. Markets top on the best of news and bottom on the worst. Just pay attention to the price action in the market and the volume patterns, that will tell you more than any one on TV or a message board.
  3. stock should go to zero no one believes they can make money in them anymore.
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    So your saying the roads you drive on, the house you live in, etc are worth NOTHING, in a nuclear war maybe, but there is value, just a matter a finding it's true value. And after years of inflation, that the gov't some how says didn't exist if you read the numbers, we have a ways to go maybe until we find that value.

    Half these bio tech companies on the market did NOTHING, half the companies on these markets do NOTHING but are in reality just speculative and people were willing to by stocks of companies that do nothing or their services were greatly over valued. So we have to take out the garbage. Just one problem. The gov't doesn't want to let that happen.
  5. It looks like the gov't isn't going to have much of a say in the matter.
  6. Markets seem to "lead" but actually they catch the first whiff of a recovery in data long it is on TV.

    I think only a long U bottom will do or a really sick V bottom low..
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    Sounds like the place where I work.....Half of the people do NOTHING, but they still get pay, that cannot be good for a company or an economic system.....I guess those are going to be the ones that hit the streets first.....But then again this is in France...