Hulk Hogan on Larry King

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  1. Did anyone else see, for lack of a better word, performance on Larry King last night?
    I found him to be unbelievable...but I guess lying to help your kid is something a lot of people would do.
    From what I've put together, Hulk and his kid bought alcohol earlier in the day, and there was a get together on Hulk's boat. Later in the evening, Hulk's kid was driving with a friend in a high performance car, got in a terrible one car accident, and the friend is going to be on life support for the duration. Hulk's kid had alcohol in his system, and he's a minor...well, it's not good for the Nick (Hulk's kid). He's still in jail. The (separated) parents are suing Hogan. Hogan says he's been helping the Mom all along with 5K/month since the separation, being the good friends that both families have been.
    I like Hogan, but I just think he was lying about a lot of things...Hulk's wife filed for divorce awhile ago, but it's not final...and Hulk is talking about God and Jesus, while he's dating some girl even though the divorce isn't final. I usually get suspicious when people in legal trouble suddenly find religion.

    Anywho, bottom line is the kid effed up big time...
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    Actually, you are way too nice in your post. Hogan (and family) has blamed the kid in the coma for the situation, basically saying it is "karma", that he didn't lead a good life, and then going so far as to say this will be good for him in the long run...

    And then the Hogan mother says she is suffering worse than the kid in the coma's mother. What a joke...

    The entire family are nothing but scumbags.
  3. Be careful homie, or the Hulk might oil yours up iykwim.
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  5. biggest redneck ever.
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