Hugo Chavez must be proud of Sarah the Socialist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tmarket, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. This is a summary from many sources:
  2. It seems you don't have much of an eye for persuasion. If i was trying to persuade people that Palin was a socialist than i would do more than look at the state she governed.

    1. I would see what she says about taxes when and if she becomes vice president.

    2. I would decide whether i believe her or not.

    3. If i thought she was going to continue to be an evil socialist i would then try and discover what type of if any type of business where she could redistribute money.

    4. I would then come up with the conclusion that the economy is in a mess.

    5. I would again listen to her statement about taxes and discover that she also believes the economy is in a mess and that she also does not want to increase taxes and that she also does not want to redistribute money.

    6. I would then respond to this article that the only way your accusation of her being a possible socialist is if she outright lied about her position on the economy and taxes.

    7. I would then say even if she does try to outright lie if elected she would have a very big problem considering that McCain and his cabinent would disagree with those socialist views.

    8. I would then finally designate your accusation and article entirely irrelevant because the ability for her to undergo socialist actions would be impossible.

    Case closed.
  3. That's not very mavericky, is it?
  4. Are you saying that you'd elect her and THEN try to figure out her ideological stance?

    Now, try this...
    'see what Obama says about taxes when and if he becomes president'
    This is logically the same as you have suggested. How do you like the idea now?

    Case closed?
    You've GOTTA be kidding.
  5. I don't understand your argument. Do i like the idea of saying something and doing it? Is that what your asking? If that is the question than yes i do prefer people saying something that they will do and then doing that thing that they said.

    The main problem i had with the article is that the only way the article would stand correct is if Palin was actually lying about not raising taxes.

    You say "Now try this... see what Obama says about taxes when and if he becomes president." I have seen what Obama has said and i have disagreed on his stance because i think raising taxes during a bad economy is the wrong decision.

    Let me know what I am missing to this argument.

    Oh and i like the You have GOTTA be kidding thing at the end. If i was to write a major persuasive article on something than i would definitely put that at the end not because of the lack of points and evidence i put in my article but rather just because i think it looks cool.