Hugo Chavez Dead!

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    One down, one to go.

    Mr Chavez had not appeared in public since he returned to Venezuela last month after cancer treatment in Cuba.

    An emotional Nicolas Maduro made the announcement on Tuesday evening, flanked by leading Venezuelan political and military leaders.

    Earlier, he said the 58-year-old Venezuelan leader had a new, severe respiratory infection and had entered "his most difficult hours".
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  3. the people that he stole property from will never get it back
  4. Ain't that a shame , the leftist web sites like common dreams will be floundering for a new leader.
  5. Kinda young to depart this world at 58.
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    EL Loco, time to meet El Diablo.
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    And it's supposed to be the "good" who die young. Go figure.
  8. RIP Hugo :(

  9. Actor Sean Penn

    "Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of Vice President (Nicolas) Maduro. Today the United States lost a friend it never knew it had. And poor people around the world lost a champion. I lost a friend I was blessed to have. My thoughts are with the family of President Chavez and the people of Venezuela."

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

    "President Chavez will be remembered for his bold assertion of autonomy and independence for Latin American governments and for his formidable communication skills and personal connection with supporters in his country and abroad to whom he gave hope and empowerment. During his 14-year tenure, Chavez joined other leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean to create new forms of integration. Venezuelan poverty rates were cut in half, and millions received identification documents for the first time, allowing them to participate more effectively in their country's economic and political life.
    "At the same time, we recognize the divisions created in the drive towards change in Venezuela and the need for national healing. We hope that as Venezuelans mourn the passing of President Chavez and recall his positive legacies -- especially the gains made for the poor and vulnerable -- the political leaders will move the country forward by building a new consensus that ensures equal opportunities for all Venezuelans to participate in every aspect of national life."

    Your friends are sobbing with grief now.
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